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Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair

by Kahuna
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Color: Orange
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Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair

kahuna lm7000 luxury massage chair title image

  • Full-Body L-track Massage
  • 3 position Zero Gravity - can be adjusted segmentally in accordance with your body features.
  • Space Saving – Requires only 3” of clearance
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • 12 Automatic Programs - Each uniquely designed auto programs are to soothe any tensions that need to be relieved.
  • Fully pre-assembled chair, assembly not required. (Requires 32-inch door)
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • Stretch Massage
  • Spot Target Voice Recognition - focus on the area you want to target with just using your voice
  • Bluetooth Speakers

Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair Features

kahuna lm7000 massage mechanism

Full-Body L-Track Massage

The Kahuna LM-7000 is equipped with a 47” L-Track and 4 roller 2D massage system. The LM-7000 features 5 massage techniques (Shiatsu,Knead, Tapping, Knead+Tapping and Knock) adjustable up 5 levels of speed and roller width..

kahuna lm7000 massage types

kahuna lm7000 zero gravity and space saving diagram

3 Levels of Zero Gravity System

3 stages of Zero gravity positions can be adjusted segmentally in accordance to your body features. Custom position is possible to achieve the most comfort.

Fully Assembled

Hassle Free fully assembled massage chair for your convenience. Only 32 inch wide entrance door is required to enjoy every features SM7000 offers.

Space Saving

Only 3” of clearance is required for full recline.

kahuna lm7000 auto programs

12 Auto Programs

    • Yoga Stretching- Inspired by Yoga and program targeted to stretch your body. Perfect program for tired body.
    • Renew- Moderate massage with knead tap, and roll techniques from neck to glutes to recharge your body.
    • Relaxation- Daily use program with combination of gentle roller and light air-cell massage system to promote relaxation and sooths body.
    • Fatigue Recovery- Recovery massage program that performs slow light massage for after workout.
    • Anti-Stress- Strong upper neck and shoulder care massage program with full motion that starts with shoulder to head air-cell massage to blow away your tension.
    • Deep Tissue- Strong Deep Massage to rejuvenate the body.
    • SV-Chiro- Focus on chiropractic massage, relax body and mind.
    • Sleep Aid- Through the twelve major health acupoints massage to help the bodya recuperate balance, quickly improve sleep and quality.
    • Auto Upper- Full air pressure focusing on the upper-body.
    • Auto Lower– Full air massage focusing on the lower body.
    • Beauty- Aimed at buttock and thigh effective massage, beautify body shape reduce the accumulation of redundant adipose body.
    • SV-Chiro Stretching- Chiropractic massage, during stretch helps more blood circulation and helps align your spine.
kahuna lm7000 heat massage location

Heating Therapy

Heating Therapy not only will enhance the benefit of the massage and blood circulation and soothe your whole body and mind relaxation as well.

kahuna lm7000 voice command illustration

Fixed SPOT Target Manual massage with Voice Control

You can simply pick and choose the type of massage and fixed area with desired intensity of the massage to target the area where tension release is most needed.You can control the massage chair with just your voice to target manual massage for your convenience.

    • "Start Kneading" | Kneading manual technique on
    • "Start Shiatsu" | Shiatsu manual technique on
    • "Start Tapping" | Tapping manual technique on
    • "Start Knocking" | Knocking manual technique on
    • "Start Combination" | Tapping & Knocking manual technique on
    • "Area Full" | Full Area massage
    • "Area Partial" | Partial Area massage
    • "Area Fixed" | Fixed Area massage
    • "Roller Speed Up" | Speed up Rollers
    • "Roller Speed Down" | Slows the roller speed down
    • "Roller Up" | Positions the rollers up
    • "Roller Down" | Positions the rollers down
    • "Air Full" | Full air massage
    • "Air Arm" | Arm air massage
    • "Air Leg" | Leg air massage
    • "Air Off" | All air off
    • "Air Level Up" | Air intensity up
    • "Air Level Down" | Air intensity down
    • "Foot On" | Foot roller on
    • "Foot Off" | Foot Roller off
kahuna lm7000 full body air massage diagram

Full Body Air Massage

Innovative air pressure mechanism dynamically massages full body airbags on the lower back and hip effectively reliving pelvis pressure and muscle stiffness.

  • kahuna lm7000 remote holder

    Remote Holder

  • kahuna lm7000 usb charging station

    Cell phone holder with USB Charging station

  • kahuna lm7000 side panel location

    Handrail short keys

kahuna lm7000 bluetooth speaker system

Bluetooth Speakers

You can enjoy natural healing music while you are using a massage chair for a more relaxing environment.

  • kahuna lm7000 deep tissue recovery
    Deep Tissue (Recovery)

    Special program to effectively release the accumulated muscle stiffness of all over your body for long period of time.

  • kahuna lm7000 relaxation

    Gentle yet efficient roller movement soothe your whole body and allows the complete relaxation.

  • kahuna lm7000 renew

    Renew Program is a Moderately pressured massage with kneading, tap, and rolling techniques from neck to glutes to recharge your body.

  • kahuna lm7000 anit-stress

    Strong upper neck and shoulder care massage program with full-motion that starts from shoulder to head air-cell massage to blow away your tension.