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Kahuna 888 Foot and Leg Massager

by Kahuna
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Kahuna 888 Foot and Leg Massager

The Kahuna foot and calf massager is the first massager that we carry that can apply a 3D style massage to your calves and feet. Easily adjust the angle to make it perfect for your seat and use the remote panel to set up your massage and enjoy for the full 15 minutes. Take a look at the features below and see if this heated foot massager is the right one for you.



3D Calf Massage

The Kahuna 888 foot massager is the first model to provide a 3D massage to your calves. This massager uses specialized massage rollers that protrude out to provide a strong and vigorous massage to your leg muscles which are often neglected in full massage chairs. This massage roller works with the airbags to provide a much deeper and more targeted sense of relief.


Exchangeable Cover & Chic Pad

Often times, if a foot massager is used a lot, the cover can start to show wear. With the exchangeable cover, you can remove it to replace it or clean it. The Chic pad helps keep dust out of your foot massager and turns it into a chic accent in your home.


Angle Adjustment

This foot massager is easily adjustable so you can find the perfect angle for your seat. This ensures that your massage is relaxing and massages you properly, rather than you having to sit awkwardly and not enjoy the experience.


Control Panel

The control panel offers full control over the different features of your foot massage. Easily toggle the heat, calf massage reflexology massage on or off and make adjustments to almost every aspect of your massage experience.


Heat Feature

From the calf, all the way down through the foot is a heat therapy system that helps to loosen up your muscles by warming them. This provides a much deeper relaxation, deeper relief, and much better massage experience.


Manual Adjustments

Choose from 4 intensity adjustments,4 speed, and strength adjustments and toggle the heat or foot massage on and off. With so many options you are sure to get the perfect foot massage for you with every use.


5 Auto Modes

Five massage programs are included with this foot massager. These massage modes are Sleep, Toning, Calf, Reflexology and Energize.


Airbag massage

Airbags in the calf area complement the 3D massage roller built into the calf massage mode. This helps to reach deeper tissue and provide much better overall relief.