Osaki Os-Pro Maxim Massage Track Style

The Osaki Os-Pro Maxim massage chair is going to give you an amazing experience at a price that you will be able comfortable with. The OS-Pro Maxim is packed with multiple features in a stylish chair that comes in three color options. The touch screen tablet style remote allows you to have complete control of your massage while you can visually see what’s going on.

Massage Track

The OS-Pro Maxim utilizes the L-Track and the S-Track massage style. The L-Track goes all the way down to your upper thigh while the S-Track focuses on the curvature of your spine. Combing the two massage styles is almost guaranteeing that the chair is going to hit every spot on your back that needs attention. You will literally be getting the best of both worlds with this chair. Another added feature is that if you don’t want to utilize the L-track, you can turn those features off. But, it will always be there if one day you decide to utilize it. That is not something you can say for chairs that do not feature both track styles.

Additional Features

The Zero gravity position option is present in the OS-Pro Maxim. Including the air massage technology with the combined track styles will ensure that you are getting a full body experience. It doesn’t end with just your torso, it even stretches out into your arms and feet. The arm air massage is carried out by small bumps on the armrest.

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