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MCP Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Review

titan tp-8500 massage chair review

A Classic from Titan

The Titan TP-8500 massage chair provides a world-class massage in a much more comfortable and supportive seat. This chair provides all of the latest technology designed to create a relaxing massage experience while ensuring every part of your back is supported and relaxed. The highlight of this chair is the combination S/L-Track, which can both attend to the varying curves of your back and reach down to your glutes.

Let’s take a closer look.

Massage Track

The massage track of the Titan TP-8500 massage chair features elements of both the L-track and S-track massage systems. This means your massage will provide uniform pressure across your entire back, and take your massage all the way down to your upper thigh area. At 53″ this massage chair has one of the longest massage tracks in the industry. Having a massage chair that features both an L-track and an S-track will give you the best of both worlds. The massage is going to go all the way from your neck to your upper thigh.

Space Saving Technology

The Titan TP-8500 massage chair requires less than 4 inches of space behind the chair to fully recline thanks to the space-saving technology. As you recline the base of the massage chair slides forward minimizing the necessary space behind the massage chair to fully recline. Other massage chairs that don't feature this technology can require up to 36" behind the chair to fully recline which means you would have to place your chair 36" from the wall and out into your room which is a significant space commitment. With the TP-8500 you can place the chair in almost any space you have available and not have to worry about it cramping your room.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity recline is present in this chair. That means that the chair will put you in a position that allows your legs to rest higher than your heart. This position has been determined to be optimal for receiving a massage.

Quick Controls & USB Charger

New to the Titan TP-8500 massage chair is the quick control feature. This little panel is located under the right armrest and provides easy access to simple controls that allow you to change the recline of the backrest or ottoman independently. You can also use the USB charging port to charge your mobile device while you enjoy your massage routine.

Foot Rollers

The Titan TP-8500 massage chair has an upgraded foot massage experience with reflexology. A kneading style massage to the soles of your feet is provided. The foot massage intensity can be improved by using the airbags in the footrest to press your feet down on the foot massage rollers. If you prefer not to have your feet massaged you can easily turn these off from the remote.

Airbag System

The Titan TP-8500 massage chair includes a full range of airbags placed throughout the massage chair to extend your back massage into a full body massage experience. These airbags work together to promote circulation throughout your body, and can even improve the intensity of your foot massage and back massage by pressing you into the massage roller. You can easily control the intensity of your airbag massage from the included remote.

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