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Features - Kahuna Spirit Heating System

The Kahuna Spirit massage chair is loaded with features that you will find extremely beneficial. Some of the features you will find on other chairs, like the airbag system or the Bluetooth options. There is one feature that you are not going to find on any other chair on the market. That is the full body heat system that runs throughout the massage chair.

The Spirit massage chair is designed to utilize heat therapy throughout your body. Most massage chairs only utilize heat in the lower back lumbar area. This is a very useful spot to focus heating elements, as many people suffer from lower back pain. Sometimes you will find a chair that has heat in the leg area, but it tends to be a rare feature.

Heating elements are positioned in the backrest of the Kahuna Spirit. Not just in the lower lumbar area like other massage chairs, it covers the entire back rest. There is further heating in the foot rest of the chair that goes from the feet all the way to right below your knee/upper calf area. Finally, there is heating elements in the arms of the massage chair. This is something that you would have a very hard time finding anywhere else.

The immersive heating elements on the Spirit supports the effort to utilize heat therapy. When your muscles are warm and relaxed they will make a massage much more effective. Incorporating heat dilates the blood vessels of the muscles, which is extremely useful around the lumbar and spine. The process increases the flow of oxygen, which is vital to healing and helping damaged muscle tissue.

The impressive heating on the Kahuna Spirit is just one of the many features that this chair has. To find out more about this great chair head on over to the full description page.

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