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Authorized Dealer is proud to be an authorized dealer of Osaki, Infinity, Panasonic, Cozzia and US Jaclean massage chairs. We have examined several massage chair brands and offer you the few that we have selected that offer the utmost in quality and innovative technology so that you get the best massage experience for your money. It is our goal to ensure you find the perfect massage chair that fits both your needs and your price range.

Every massage chair purchased from is shipped directly from the manufacturer and comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. Massage chairs purchased from dealers who are not authorized often do not come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Infinity massage chairs logo

Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinite Therapeutics is the company behind the innovative line of Infinity massage chairs. Known for their inversion therapy massage chairs and cutting edge innovation, Infinity has made a name for itself within the massage chair industry with chairs like the IT-9800 and the brand new Iyashi which lives up to its nickname as the “New World of Massage”.

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Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic has been a leader in human massage mimicking chairs for the last 40 years. We offer a select few chairs that offer features that you will not find on any other chairs in our catalog. Like the truly revolutionary heated ceramic massage rollers of the EP-MA70KX and EP-MA73 massage chairs. Panasonic massage chairs are designed in Japan and manufactured in China to ensure the most cutting edge design and most affordable assembly. Shop all Panasonic massage chairs below.

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Apex massage chairs logo

Apex Massage Chairs

Apex massage chairs come from Taiwan and are distributed by the same people that brought you Titan massage chairs, and Osaki Massage Chairs. The flagship massage chair the AP-Pro Regent features new innovations like the heat blanket, and includes heating in the feet to bring you better full body relief. Many of these massage chairs feature the L-track massage system which is capable of bringing the back roller massage all the way down to your upper thigh!

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Kahuna Massage Chairs

Kahuna massage chairs are unique among our collection because they are the only brand that ships as one piece. There is no assembly required, just open the box, plug it in and enjoy your massage. Kahuna massage chairs have all of the classic massage styles and have added some additional ones to help you sleep, and to incorporate a little hawaiian massage into your life. Right now both Kahuna chairs are offered with a Free 5 Year extended Home Warranty, and Free White Glove Delivery! Check them out below.

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Luraco massage chairs logo

Luraco Massage Chairs

Luraco massage chairs are brand new to These massage chairs are proudly designed, researched, and assembled right here in the USA and feature some of the most advanced massage chair innovations you will ever see, including health monitors like blood pressure and heart beat. Luraco is on their 7th generation massage chair opting for a smaller collection with better features, than a vast collection with lower features. These chairs are also the only massage chairs we carry that are rated for people up to 7' in height and up to 350 lbs.

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Titan massage chairs logo

Titan Massage Chairs

Titan massage chairs are brought to you by the same company that brought you Osaki massage chairs. These chairs have a slightly different focus and offer a much more diverse set of features from 3d massage, L-track massage systems, and a host of other massage techniques designed to target those aching muscles. These chairs are also much more ergonomic so you can sit more comfortably while receiving your massage. Shop all Titan massage chairs below:

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