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Presidents' Day Sale! Lowest Price Guaranteed. No Sales Tax.
Zero Gravity Recliners

Zero Gravity Recliners


Zero Gravity For Better Health

The zero gravity position was first developed by NASA to improve circulation and health in astronauts by removing stress from the body that they experience during the time when they're taking off into space. In this position, the legs are elevated above the level of the heart.

This zero gravity position equally distributes the weight of the entire body across a level surface, as a result, relieving pressure from our joints and spines. Many chairs from several brands are embracing this wonderful technology to help our back and bodies feel the best they possibly can.

A zero gravity chair is designed to allow you to enjoy this position whenever the mood strikes you. Here, your whole body weight equally is lifted for extra comfort and relief. The zero gravity chair’s special design mechanism helps you to lift your legs and thereby enjoy spinal decompression, better circulation, and enhanced relaxation.