Top 2020 Massage Chairs: Introducing the Inada Robo Massage Chair

About Inada

When making such a large investment in a modern massage chair, it is important to purchase one from a brand you can trust. Inada has been around for decades and is a well-known and well-loved name in massage chairs. 

Inada has been developing world-class therapeutic massage chairs since 1962 when Nichimu Inada created the first automatic shiatsu massage chair. Modern massage chairs are a cultural health product in Japan, and Inada takes immense pride in creating revolutionary products that improve the lives of every customer. Much of their technological development is achieved in their main headquarters in Osaka, and the beauty and tradition Japan is known for are present in each of their chairs.

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer that has earned the title of “The World's Best Massage Chair®.” Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada massage chairs are an incredible fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and the latest in modern technology.

Inada offers a variety of neutral colors for all their chairs, including the Robo, that allows them to blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. To Inada, the function and style of a massage chair are both equally important.

Inada’s mission is to continuously be the leaders in the industry and contribute to society through “health.” Inada wants every customer to be sure that they’re investing in a chair that will truly improve their life and overall wellbeing.

A Massage Better Than Human Hands

The latest innovation to come out of the Inada factory is the Robo massage chair. This chair has taken a revolutionary approach by combining both current 4D massage roller technology with that of advanced AI programming. By creating innovative massage arms with “joints” similar to human hands and automatic shiatsu point detection, this chair promises an incredible massage.

A Better Massage Every Time

The ultimate goal of a massage chair is to catch up with and surpass professional human massage techniques. During the early stages of development, Inada researched the movement of human hands so that they could develop a mechanism that provided first and second “joints” just like fingers have. This created a wonderful experience in the chair and they were able to master the rhythm next.

When a professional masseuse attends to your muscles, they vary the rhythm of their strokes based on muscle stiffness and personal preference. When a massage therapist is at work they’re actively adjusting the pressure used, speed, and direction of their hands. Using adaptable, rhythmic movements to ensure the massage techniques used suit the issue or area being addressed. The internal mechanisms and software in this massage chair can reproduce the subtle movements of a professional massage practitioner’s hands and make them even better.

The Essence of Comfort with an AI Hybrid Mechanism

Robo’s AI detects muscle stiffness and adjusts its massage according to your physical needs.

At any given time during your massage, the artificial intelligence mechanism adjusts its massage to the best strength and speed for your needs. It will adjust based on the condition of your muscles, your unique size and shape, and how stiff you are. Even the speed adjusted as it takes in data regarding the load received by the rollers during a massage. This way, it can attend to stiff areas with slow, precise movements and relaxed areas with increased speed for better circulation.

Sit In the Robo & the Chair Will Automatically Find Your Shiatsu Points.

The automatic shiatsu point search system automatically detects shiatsu points across the body of each person who uses the chair, regardless of height, body type, or other differences among individuals. With a thorough knowledge of your body type, the roller positions are adjusted so that your massage stimulates each point accurately.

S-Track + 4D Massage

The next generation of 4D massage rollers is designed for outstanding range and flexibility mapping the curvature of the back with precision. The 4D technology allows the user to control the length of the rollers that extend out from the backrest. Four-dimensional massage rollers allow the chair to replicate the feeling of a masseuse. Thanks to the innovative machinery developed with a second joint, like human fingers, and AI technology your chair can provide you with a wonderful kneading massage.

Five-Finger Kneading Massage in the Arms

That same additional joint technology was placed in the arms and calves as well. You can enjoy the comfort of having your hands gently gripped and then manipulated to relieve muscle tension in an area that is all too often neglected.

Calf Massage

Airbags gently hold the calf in place while massaging to loosen tight muscles. The mechanism in the calves automatically adjusts so that it can hit the main acupressure points precisely. As the massage travels up and down, left and right, and front and back, it reproduces the incredible feeling of a strong calf massage from a professional.

Chest & Shoulder Massage

By carefully manipulating the muscles around the scapula, an area that tends to accumulate tension, the Robo can provide much-needed pain relief and loosen up stiff shoulders.

In the same way as when a massage therapist manipulates your shoulders, the Robo can move in the lateral direction using airbags, allowing the shoulder to open from the front so that the chair can stimulate the shiatsu point located there correctly.

Shiatsu Neck Massage

The neck massage in the Robo is especially nice and can grasp the base of the neck to apply Shiatsu, loosening tension.

Independent Upper & Lower Massage Arms

The upper and lower mechanisms inside the chair move independently and massage carefully from the lower back to the upper neck and shoulders in a smooth, gliding massage that can alleviate stiffness and discomfort.

AI Hybrid Double Mechanism & Pressure Sensor

The AI hybrid double mechanism equipped with an independent motor and strength mechanism also has a pressure sensor. This allows the user to control the depth and penetration of the massage based on their personal preferences.

Independent Airbag Compression for Hip & Leg Massage

Gently loosen your hamstrings with a wonderful kneading massage that can attend to each side of your body independently.

Glute Compression Massage

Kneading rollers reach deeply into the glutes to loosen tense muscles that can aggravate the sciatic nerve and cause discomfort.

By combining the airbag compression with the internal mechanism of the chair, your glutes get an incredible massage. By massaging the pelvis and glutes, the muscles around the thighs and the lymph nodes near inner thighs are relaxed. With air cells in the seat and the calves massaging in tandem, the thighs and knee joints are stretched, which releases tension and alleviates joint pain and soreness.

3D Foot Massage

As the chair’s footrest measures the size and shape of your feet, the rollers adjust so that they can loosen the muscles in the soles of the feet and stimulate key shiatsu pressure points. As the rollers move, turning inward and outward while applying pressure to the soles, the airbags hold your feet gently in place to deepen the massage.

Personalize Your Massage

As you relax in the Robo you can choose which areas of your body you would like to have massaged and which you would like to avoid. Perhaps you're especially sore in a particular area and would like that region let alone. The Robo can accommodate those needs. While the rollers may still need to travel across the area, it won’t be actively massaged if you turn that area off. If you’re dealing with an injury, it’s best to consult a physician before getting a massage, however, this can be a great feature if you’re ready for a massage but perhaps not for as long as other areas in your body since you can turn it off during an active massage session.

Body Type Recognition Function

The Robo's smart design continues with body type detection. The technology that allows the chair to locate your shiatsu points can also detect your skeletal structure and your muscles’ shape and size based on your height and overall shape. 

With this information, the chair adjusts the position of the rollers so that your massage is as accurate as possible.

Additional Features

The combination of all its features is enough to make the Robo an incredible chair that outperforms many on the market today. Plus, it comes with several other supplementary features that offer enhanced relaxation. These include:

  • Facial Recognition - Log in using facial recognition
  • Automatic & Manual Programs - Choose from several programs in the following categories: Healthcare, Area Concentration, and Children's Programs. You’ll also find posture adjustment seated Zen meditation, stretching movements yoga, and museum. It even offers the ability for health measurement and management.
  • Noise Reduction Dome
  • HD Speakers with Tutorial
  • Flat “Bed” Recline Position

Come Check It Out

Come try out the Robo for yourself and experience all it has to offer. We have a brand-new floor model right in our showroom. You can make an appointment to test out the chair or come down to the shop and sneak in a few minutes for yourself when the timing is right. 

Our staff is already in love with this chair and is very happy to see such a breakthrough coming from the well-known and well-respected brand, Inada. Our sales representatives are excited to share the benefits of this chair with you and would love to guide you through a demonstration of the features and programs so that you can see for yourself just how relaxing a few minutes in the Robo can be.

Stop by and enjoy an incredible massage from the Robo today!

If you have any questions about this massage chair or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call or send an email at We’re happy to answer any questions and help you arrange the perfect time to check out the massage chair for yourself.