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Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair Review

We maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments. Our main goal with this review post is to educate the consumer to allow them to make the best purchase decision.

Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

The Osaki OS-4000T massage chair is quite a unique model within the Osaki line-up. It has a great price point at $2895 with a feature list that can compare to most higher end models, and that far surpasses any other model in the same price range, making it pretty clear to see why its always a top seller, and the model we started with in our brand new massage chair review section! I took my first step into the Osaki Massage Chair realm with the OS-4000T so I could tell you about my experience, and give you some first hand information that you might not find in the massage chair description. Let's get started!


The OS-4000T has a sleek and modern exterior that houses its advanced technology, that comes in 4 distinct color patterns; Brown & Black, Charcoal & Beige, Cream & Beige, and my personal favorite the black and beige. The remote is large, and very easy to read when you are sitting back enjoying your massage, it also has a smaller secondary remote that detaches from the main one so you can control some of the basic functions while lying back.

As this is my first experience in this chair, I was quite impressed. The chair itself is very comfortable, The fabric in the armrests and on the head/neck pillow is very soft and much more plush than expected. The massage was somewhere between a mid-strong and strong massage, there is a back panel of extra memory foam that you can take out to get a stronger massage if you wanted, during my massage I left it in to get a more accurate experience of the massage chair right out of the box.

When you first sit down...

Our floor model here is the black with the beige color and is pretty easy on the eyes when you look at it. I sat down and turned the chair on to start my massage. Immediately it starts to recline back and scanned my back. For my first massage, I had to experience the zero gravity position so I pressed the "Zero G" button and reclined into the super comfy zero gravity position, and chose relaxation for my first massage.

Relaxation mode felt like a mix of shiatsu, kneading massage which was very relaxing and quite an accurate recreation of a human performing the same massage. I was also able to turn up the back massage intensity from the remote with relative ease.

Disclaimer for Bigger Users!

I am 6' 2", about 260 lbs with broad shoulders. Not a small man. This chair was a snug fit when the air massage kicked in I had to turn it ALL the way down because it was a very tight squeeze. So if you are wider in the shoulder area like I am, consider moving up to the OS-7200 series for the extra room and added comfort (A review of both OS-7200's will be added as soon as our floor model arrives).

Air Bag Massage System

While I am on the subject of squeezing, the air massage (once I turned it down) was very nice, the armrests are more ergonomic than some of the other massage chairs I have experienced, which lead to a much more relaxing massage on my arms. Within the waist area there was a lot of action, air bags on the sides and underneath the seat squeezed my hips and pushed me back on the rollers a little bit, which was nice. The legs and foot massage was mild (after I turned it down) which wasn't ideal but overall I enjoyed the air massage part of my experience.

Zero Gravity & Heating Options

The Zero Gravity function is available at the push of a button on both the large remote, and the smaller secondary remote. I only went into the first stage of zero gravity for my massage, which was a very comfortable position. I understand why they added it to massage chairs, there was no stress on my joints and I was very comfortable which helped me relax even more.

About half way through my massage I saw the heating button on the larger remote and decided to incorporate that into my massage (Something I wish I had done from the start). The OS-4000T has two heating pads in the lumbar area of your back so the heat reaches from your lower back to your shoulders. If I was a smaller person I probably would have felt the heat all the way up, but It stopped at my shoulder blades. The heat was amazing, and was the perfect amount of relaxing warm, instead of so hot that you start to sweat. Should you decide to buy one for yourself, start the heat therapy at the beginning of the massage. (You'll thank me later).

Easy to Use Remote (and awesome mini remote)

The remote is a very large display, all the way back in the zero gravity position I had no trouble reading it and seeing what was going on with my massage at any given time. All the buttons are large and thoughtfully laid out, with the manual adjustments hiding under a center flip down panel.

What I liked most was the mini remote! As you recline back you can slide it off its magnetic tray and have convenient control over the basic function of the massage chair, like positioning, massage speed, and air massage intensity. It made it very easy to bring the chair back up from zero gravity without having to stretch at all to press a button on the main remote, very convenient and very user-friendly.

The End of Relaxation

Each of the automatic programs last for 15 minutes, when they are finished they automatically recline you back up into the seated position so you have no issues getting out of the massage chair. All in all a very good massage chair, definitely worth the money. Especially if you take advantage of the $200 Discount. This is easily one of my new favorite massage chairs, the massage is a very realistic style nd the chair is an amazing value.

A Word on Shipping

The massage chairs are not too difficult to put together if you are comfortable with furniture assembly and following instructions. Having seen the boxes that this massage chair comes in.. (there are two of them, they are very big, weight about 200 lbs and come on a pallet) Unless you have a couple of strong friends or relatives to carry these boxes into your home and set up your massage chair, get the white glove delivery, it will save you plenty of headache and back strain, and will make for a much better experience with your massage chair.