Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Review

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Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Review

The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair is the first massage chair to incorporate a name brand tablet into the chair. This is taking your massage and making it as simple as controlling your smartphone.

Samsung Tablet

This chair comes with a Samsung tablet that runs an android operating system. You can use this system to control every aspect of your massage chair and even diagnose problems, if they do arise. Each person in your home will be able to create their own profile thanks to the tablet having unlimited profile options.


The Smart 3D uses a double body scan to make sure it knows all about your body. 3 Shoulder adjustment options are available so that you will fit comfortably in the chair, no matter how broad you are. You can then choose one of 17 massage programs and even customize them to your liking.


Air bags are spread all over this chair and will make sure to give attention to any area that the 3D massage rollers can’t reach. The air pumps on a massage chair can be quite noisy. Ogawa has now developed a whisper quiet air pump that utilizes a patented spring suspension. Now it will be easy to relax or meditate while you are having a revitalizing massage.

Partial & Spot Massage

The partial and spot massage features is great way to focus on that one spot that is giving you trouble. Tap the button once and the massage roller will stay in one place to really work the muscle knots to help loosen them up. Tap the button again, and a partial mode will engage. The massage roller will stay in once place but move around the area as well. Paired with the many massage techniques that are available and you will have a completely customized massage.

Entertainment System

Being that the chair comes with a tablet, it is no surprise that there is an entertainment system loaded into the chair. A USB port exists as well so you can charge your phone while you are being massaged. Bluetooth capability will allow you to play your favorite music or audiobook through the high quality speakers.

The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair is revolutionizing the massage chair industry. This will not be the last chair to have a tablet attached to it. Controlling the chair is extremely easy and the massage you will receive you are going to love each and every time.