Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair Review

*Please note that the Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair has been discontinued. Visit our Massage Chairs for current listings.

Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair Review

The Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair has managed to take two different styles of massage track and combine them in one chair. SuperTrac roller technology is said to be the most comprehensive massage roller track in the industry today. Supertrac was designed to pay particular attention to the entire S shape curve of your spine.



The Supertrac is similar to the L-track style while removing the negative aspects that people have mentioned in the past. With the Supertrac roller technology the rollers are able to massage further down your body while positioned in zero gravity or complete lie down. The rollers also follow and S-Curve down your spine giving you both an L-track and a S-track massage.


Zero Gravity Recline

With the Supertrac roller technology the rollers are able to massage further down your body while positioned in zero gravity or complete lie down. Zero gravity recline is established in the Active by your knees being elevated to the level of your heart or higher. Once you are at this angle compression along your spine is relieve and your blood pressure will then lower. Zero gravity recline is a proven posture position based on NASA research. Reclined the massage will go all the way down to the glutes. When the seat is in the upright position the super track will focus on the neck and back.

Ogawa Active Zero Gravity.jpg

Supertrac Uniq Function

The UNIQ button allows the massage chair to recline into a full lie down position. The SuperTrac takes over to give you and intense glute massage. You can also choose from Kneading, Shiatsu, or even Swedish techniques for the best massage for your current needs

Partial & Spot Massage

The partial and spot massage features is great way to focus on that one spot that is giving you trouble. Tap the button once and the massage roller will stay in one place to really work the muscle knots to help loosen them up. Tap the button again, and a partial mode will engage. The massage roller will stay in once place but move around the area as well. Paired with the 6 massage techniques that are available and you will have a completely customized massage.


Compression Massage

The air compression massage is going to reach all of the spots that the rollers can’t and will enhance your massage experience. The foot rollers have a kneading effect that will revitalize your feet after a long day. The stretching feature, when combined with heat, will loosen up your entire body, so that your body can embrace the massage that is occurring. 56 Multi-layer airbags are spread throughout the chair.

Ogawa is focusing on the current needs of massage chair users. They are bringing technology into your massage and focusing on an experience that is going to completely relax your body. The result is a massage chair that is going to give you the best massage possible.

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