Luraco Massage Chairs, Proudly Made in the USA!!!

Luraco Massage Chairs, Proudly Made in the USA!!!

Luraco Technologies is a well-known corporation with its military research and development, providing for the the United States military. Now, you can use their advancements in the field of massage chair technology right in your own home.  The Luraco iRobotics line offers state-of-the-art technology in its two massage chairs, the 6SL and i7, which was researched, designed and made in the USA.

luraco logoLuraco 6sl

Quality & Comfort in the 6SL

Taking a look at the iRobotics 6SL you cannot but think how this massage chair is designed to resemble a jet fighter seat. The protective sense this chair offers is distinctive to a company that would build military hardware along with massage chairs. This entire chair exudes not only quality, but comfort with genuine leather used in the touch areas. It is easy to power with the integrated remote, which is attached to the armrest. The featured true flat screen design allows you to know exactly what is happening to you during the massage therapy. The display also offers the user the control to adjust the levels and intensity of the massage technique. Your legs and feet will fit snug in the ottoman, which the entire chair provides seated comfort for anyone up to 6’5″.

The Massage Techniques Are Heavenly

You must want to know how good the massage therapy is in the 6SL massage chair, well Heavenly is a great way to describe it in one word. The patented medical massage roller 3D technology in this massage chair features a 30” massage track, so the heads on the massage roller protrudes about 3″ from the massage track to access areas like the neck and upper shoulders. This development also improves the deep tissue massage you receive, especially when the 6SL is reclined in zero gravity.

Air Compression Massage System

The iRobotics 6SL massage chair has the highest quantity of airbags, 104, placed throughout the chair to provide for a compression massage to your entire body. Airbag locations:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Calves
  • Seat
  • Feet

Foot Massage Rollers

The area most people need and want to have a great massage is the feet. In the Luraco 6SL there are massage rollers located in the bottom of the footrest. The massage rollers have the capability of offering a kneading massage to the soles of your feet. This massage technique focuses on acupressure points in your feet, which can improve your overall sense of well-being.

Quality & Comfort in the i7


Like most models in any technological aspect in our lives, their are upgrades made and advancements discovered. The Luraco iRobotics i7 is no different. The manufacturers used the latest technology to make a better massage chair and kept what was right in the previous model.

You will still receive the plush feel of the genuine leather in the touch areas of this high-end massage chair like you do in the 6SL. The zero gravity technology along with the 3D massage roller capability is maintained in this chair, except for the fact that an advancement in the iRobotics i7 design offers a robotic arm system that aids the massage roller in giving you an even better lower back and neck massage. Other advancements are forthcoming.

Full Body Heat Therapy

The iRobotics i7 massage chair features a full body heat therapy system. You will receive warmth not only in the lower back lumbar region, but throughout the seat and back areas. There are several heating elements in the footrest as well to keep your feet warm, and allows your body to stay warm throughout the massage. This heat therapy helps your joints and muscles loosen up and complements the entire massage experience.

Advanced Operating System (OS)

The brains of the operation are included in the i7 massage chair with its advanced operating system that manages every aspect of the massage including how the chair is operating. This incredible design will benefit you much more because the chair can help monitor your health. The health monitoring system is an optional feature, but if you do purchase it you’ll have the capacity to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure ensuring you are getting proper massage therapy for improving your health.

Stretch Program

To get the most out of a massage chair session stretching is a must and with advancements in technology, now you can realize this ability. The i7 can access the sore muscles in your body with the stretch programs to provide better relief from everyday wear-and-tear activities.

Double Foot Massage Rollers

The Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair now includes two high quality foot rollers in the footrest. The rollers give off a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet which is a significant improvement from the 6SL massage chair. With the use of airbags near your feet pressing your feet onto the massage rollers, you’re sure to get the utmost attention on your feet for the best relief imaginable.

Footrest Ajustability

The i7 massage chair has an amazing adjustable ottoman, so now the massage chair can sit comfortably anyone between the heights of 5’2″ and 7′ tall. The extension mechanism in this chair allows the longest range of any massage chair Massage Chair Planet has to offer on its site.

Voice Response

If you speak any of the four languages listed: English, Vietnamese, Spanish or French your massage chair will understand your commands. The i7 massage chair is prepared to teach you all about its features through the four languages you can choose from, so you can begin your journey to well-being in a much more simplified way.

In Conclusion

Made in the USA means something again because of companies like Luraco that create the best equipment for not only the military, but for the consumer. The massage chair industry has a high-quality competitor with the Luraco iRobotics 6SL and i7 models. The technology used in putting these two high-end massage chairs together allows for a great massage and plenty of functionality. Whether you want to feel like a fighter pilot, or rest in the newest state-of-the-art technology, both these chairs will make you feel like a king or queen as you pursue a healthier you.