Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Memory

The memory setting on the Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair gives you memory setting for up to 5 users. This allows you to save a specific massage chair routine and any personalization you decide to do to it. This is perfect for households that have several family members. Now whoever ends up sitting in the chair has the ability to access their favorite settings. This feature is also a great time saver, as you can pull up your desired massage quickly and easily.

Another way this chair will work for your entire household is that it’s designed for a wider range of users. The i7 is designed to cater to much larger users in both height and weight. Where out other chairs max out at around 285 lbs recommended weight, this massage chair can handle up to 300 lbs and is capable of catering to users up to 6’7″ tall, There is no need to worry if you are the right height, as the 3 layered adjustable footrest will help to solve that potential problem. The footrest extends to help make your legs sit more comfortably and to ensure that the airbags are massaging the areas that they are supposed to. This extension allows this massage chair to accommodate users from 5’2” up to the previously mentioned height of  6’7. The Luraco i7 is a massage chair that will work for your family and make getting your massage started easier and quicker.