Introducing the D.Core Stratus Massage Chair

The Latest in Deep-Core, Non-Traditional Massage Chairs

When you want an incredible, deep-tissue massage you know you can count on D.Core, and when you’re looking for the latest innovation from the already stellar lineup, you’ll find it in the Stratus.

About D.Core

D.Core provides customers with both style and function. They are a combination of traditional Japanese-style and the newest in modern massage science. D.Core, which stands for Deep Core, brought a breath of fresh air to the typical look of massage chairs and didn’t skimp out on the technical performance. The luxurious beauty just isn’t found in most massage chairs on the market.

About the Stratus

The Stratus massage chair is a harmonious blend of form and function.Its patented 3D+ True Shiatsu Action engine and forearm Wave Arrays, all put together with heat therapy, air compression, and zero-gravity, provide unequaled massage therapy. Plus, The Stratus’s real black walnut trim and Japanese nature-inspired design imbue your home with tranquility and elegance.


The Stratus’s patented massage mechanism goes beyond simple 3D with oscillating rollers that replicate the feeling of finger and joint Shiatsu massage. With this, you’ll get the most realistic, therapeutic shiatsu massage from any massage chair on the market.


The Stratus’s back heating function soothes and loosens muscles. This means you’ll get an even more effective massage and experience a boost in circulation, which can get your muscles the nutrients they need even quicker.


The Stratus’s air cells reach from your shoulders to your feet, using gentle compression to massage your entire body for advanced relaxation and stress-relief.


You’ll also find mechanical Wave Arrays that extend the therapeutic power of the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to your arms. The oscillating rollers produce a deep tissue massage in your hard-working arms that are typically only attended to by air cells in most other chairs.


You’ll also notice that a sense of Japanese natural beauty and elegance has been embraced with the authentic black walnut trim.


With an L-Track the Stratus is optimally shaped to allow the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to deliver therapeutic, soothing relief from your neck to your hamstrings.


Zero gravity cradles your body to relieve pressure that encourages blood flow and prepares your body for the massage. This position also alleviates the strain of gravity on your spine and allows it to decompress.


Air cells and rollers work together to massage, mobilize, and compress your entire foot for one truly incredible experience.


Nine pre-programmed massages make it easy to jump in your new chair and get started. Some of the programs offered include: Master Shiatsu, Recovery, Circulation, Morning, Night, and Air Focus.

For more information about the Stratus, check out the product page here, or take a look at the entire family of D.Core massage chairs here.

If you have any questions about the chair or any of the options available on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available over the phone or through email at And don’t forget, we offer financing because we believe that everyone should be able to take home a chair that can help them find ultimate relaxation each and every day.

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