Cozzia 16018 Massage Chair Review

We maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments. Our main goal with this review post is to educate the consumer to allow them to make the best purchase decision.

As the entry-level massage chair in Cozzia’s online selection, this massage chair provides a great massage for much less investment than some of the competitors massage chairs. Cozzia massage chairs specialize in the shiatsu massage style to help invigorate and relieve those tense muscles in your back. While the 16018 doesn’t provide a full body massage, what it does provide is worth every penny of investment into it.

The Cozzia 16018 Shiatsu Massage Chair Overview

Featuring a simple and modern design with a comfortable seat when you sit down, the 16018 is offered in two colors on the internet, standard brown and black, and has an incredibly easy remote that allows you to make your selections and relax into your massage without having to look to find what you are looking for.

This was my first experience with an entry level massage chair, so my views are a bit spoiled from having started at the top. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the most advanced massage chairs have. One of the biggest gaps is the body scanning technology. This massage chair has a few preset massage routines and doesn’t tailor anything to your specific shape, that being said it actually does quite well for having no real concept of where you are in the massage chair; the back massage was quite good, though you could easily tell that it was not personalized to you.

Air Bag Massage System

The air massage of the 16018 is STRONG. So strong in fact that most users are going to have to turn it down on the remote so they can still enjoy their massage. At its top setting, the air massage in the legs was actually forcing my legs out of the leg ottoman after I turned the air massage down it was quite delightful.

Simple Remote

The remote isn’t like some of the higher end ones with the backlit display, this remote is simple buttons with simple adjustments, so you can quickly change what you need to and get back to enjoying your massage much more quickly.


Overall, the Cozzia 16018 massage chair is a good value for what you receive. It’s an entry level chair, so by design you will get an excellent massage without all of the extra features. This is the perfect massage chair for post-workout massages to relieve those tired muscles.

White glove delivery might be worth it for any consumers looking to purchase this massage chair and aren’t able to lift 200 lbs boxes. Massage chairs require assembly, which is as simple as following a set of instructions, but some of the pieces are heavy, so we recommend you take every precaution in the assembly of your massage chair.