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Positive Posture at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show

Positive Posture at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show

Positive Posture Showcases the Brio Sport at CES 2020

During CES this year, MassageChairPlanet.Com got the wonderful chance to check out the Positive Posture booth, a Furniture for Life member and one of our top-selling massage chair brands. We got to test out one of their newest massage chairs- the Brio Sport and loved every second of it.

If you don’t know much about Positive Posture, here’s the rundown.

History of Commitment

Positive Posture believes furnishings should be more than just fashionable. When deliberately created at the meeting point of form and function, massage chairs and furniture can deeply impact a person’s overall health and wellness.

Produced in the “Happiest City in America”

From their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, this company shows the utmost commitment to developing inspired ideas that “elevate your space and enhance the way you work, relax and sleep every day.” All this dedication and ingenious technology come together to create massage chairs with some of the absolute best massage choreography around.

Top Minds in Ergonomic Design

Positive Posture works with leading ergonomists, designers, and wellness experts from across the world to craft top-notch, elegant furnishings that pair comfort science and rejuvenation in the best possible way.

Luxury. Therapy.

Every recliner, chair, and sleep system made by this company is the product of decades of research, testing, and refinement. They use the finest materials constructed under the high standards so that they always provide a lifetime of style and supreme comfort.

The Sport Sees CES

The Brio Sport, along with the new Brio Plus, is an upgrade to the original Brio design. It is designed for those who appreciate an active lifestyle and is excellent for muscle recovery. This chair offers a Sport 4D Adjustable Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism, a Recovery Session, Compression Therapy through Airbag Massage, Heated Rollers, and Specialized Pre- And Post-Workout Sessions.

Additionally, the Sport 4D intelligent massage mechanism is designed to mobilize your spine, relax your mind, and assist you to recover from your workout. The Sport 4D kneads, taps, rolls in fast or slow motions, presses, and is expertly choreographed to do much, much more. Its deep tissue massaging helps increase blood flow, work tired muscles, and encourage lymphatic flow. The unparalleled quality and capability of the Sport 4D mechanism will help you perform at your best every day.

Prior to each massage starts, the chair scans your back and automatically personalizes each massage for your needs. By measuring your torso and tailoring its movements to your body, the Brio Sport offers a peak level of customized comfort, relief, and recovery to users of differing heights.

A unique feature it provides is the Pinpoint Calf Massage. Here, your calf is expertly massaged by rear and side mechanical and air massage units. The sensations will soothe your whole body and help your calves feel revitalized and ready for whatever challenge your next day brings.

Each member of our team got to enjoy the Brio Sport while we were there, and it was such a revitalizing experience we forgot all about our duties, including snapping pictures of the booth. While some of the team enjoyed intense, deep tissue massages, others experienced gentle massages that were created by blanket padding on the rollers and extra cushioning at the feet.

We were all impressed by Positive Posture’s ability to customize the massage chair’s feel to each individual’s needs, including for those who frequently find the compression massage feature a bit strong on most chairs.

It was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to having the Brio Sport in-house so that we can partake in its wonderful massage when we’ve had a busy day. We also look forward to everything coming from Positive Posture in the future.

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