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Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Check out the newest Panasonic massage chairs here.

The Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair is a mid-line model from Panasonic, making its mark just below the EP-MA70, with many of the features, but only carrying about half the cost. This is by far my favorite massage chair in our showroom, if you have read the other reviews, I am 6’2” 260 lbs+, not a small man by any means, so the massage chair has to have the room to accommodate my large self in it, and the 30007 does exactly that.

This is a very comfortable chair when you sit down and provides a very strong massage (which I like) but it is easily adjustable to bring the intensity down if you don’t want your massage so strong. I have used this particular model a couple of times and would love to give you some first-hand information that you might not find in the massage chair description. Here we go!


The Panasonic EP-30007KX Massage Chair is part of the Real Pro Ultra line of massage chairs and features a classic massage chair style, with black leather, and a simple design. The remote is large, very easy to use and allows you full control over every facet of your massage. For your first few times through you can turn on voice assist and a pleasant voice programmed into the massage chair will tell you all about each massage program, what’s going on with your massage, and keep you updated on how much time you have left. This is a very convenient feature the first few times using the chair, but once you get a handle on what’s going on and what each massage program does, it's easily turned off on the remote.

I have to say it again; this is one of my favorite massage chairs we have. Two button pushes and you are reclining back and receiving your massage. This massage chair will work for users as short as 5’2”, but is definitely made for users 6 ft or taller. Let's get into some of the details!

When you first sit down...

We have had this floor model for a while, and it gets used a lot. Tt is easily run 3-5 times a day between employees and customers, after all that use it still delivers a vigorous massage, and still feels brand new. When you first sit down in this massage chair, the seat is very comfortable and the remote is easily accessible. I turned on the massage chair and chose the “Deep” Massage and immediately started to recline back. The leg rest rises as well, however it does not have an automatic leg scan like some of the Osaki massage chairs, so you have to pull the level on the right side of your seat to extend the legs to whatever length is comfortable.

One of the best features about the remote of this massage chair is the ability to save preferences to it. You can save up to 4 different sets of preferences so multiple users can have their favorite settings available at the push of a button, instead of having to re-enter them every time they use the chair.

Very Comfortable for Larger Users

This chair is built to accommodate a larger person using it. I mentioned my size earlier and the EP-30007KX can handle me with ease, so if you or the person you’re shopping for are on the larger end of things, this may be a great option for you.

Air Bag Massage System

Like most massage chairs in this day and age, the EP-30007KX has a very nice air bag massage system built in that covers everything from shoulders and arms, all the way down to your calves and feet, we’ll get into that in a moment though. I would like to highlight two things in particular, one the air bags in the waist area work with the back rollers by grabbing you and pushing you back onto the backrest, which when you're using the “Deep” massage program is incredibly nice when the rollers get to your lower back. Number two is the hide away arm massagers. Lift up the arm rests and you have a little pocket for your arms to go in where they receive their massage! This is a very nice option that I only have one complaint about. If you don’t have your hands and wrists in the right area, the air bag can squeeze down on your wrist instead of your arm which can sometimes hurt. So watch out for that.

Very Easy to Use Remote

The remote for the 30007kx is very easy to use and intuitively laid out. The buttons are large, and the display screen is very easy to see from full recline so you will always know exactly what is going on with your massage. The massage modes are clearly visible above the display and the entire manual fine tuning of your massage is under the panels on the left and right side. Change the speed, massage style, intensity, and even the location. Personally I like to take the air massage all the way down and turn the roller intensity all the way up. (Especially in the deep massage)

Zero Gravity?

While this massage chair does not have a zero gravity button, it does have full control over the recline and rise of the backrest, and footrest, which with a few button presses you can get pretty close to the Zero Gravity position, but there is no one button on the remote that will automatically take you there. It is still a very comfortable chair, and you still get a very relaxing massage even without the zero gravity button.

The End of the Deep Massage

Like most massage chair the automatic programs last for 15 minutes, and when they are finished they automatically recline you back up to the seated position so you can easily get out the chair, even though you won’t want to.

If you prefer a more vigorous massage, in a comfortable massage chair, the Panasonic EP-30007KX Real Pro Ultra massage chair is definitely a good choice. If you have any other questions regarding this or any other massage chair give us a call at 888.438.1428 and one of our massage chair experts will be happy to assist you!

A Word on Shipping

The massage chairs are not too difficult to put together if you are comfortable with furniture assembly and following instructions. Having seen the boxes that this massage chair comes in.. (there are two of them, they are very big, weight about 200 lbs and come on a pallet) Unless you have a couple of strong friends or relatives to carry these boxes into your home and set up your massage chair, get the white glove delivery, it will save you plenty of headache and back strain, and will make for a much better experience with your massage chair.

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