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Introducing Ohco Massage Chairs

Introducing Ohco Massage Chairs

New Name, Same Great Chairs

Welcome, Ohco! A part of Furniture for Life, this high-quality massage chair brand is the same one you already know and love, with a brand new look and even better line up of chairs coming in the future. Formally known as Dreamwave, Ohco is the brand that introduced the incredible M.8 massage chair and the M.8 LE, or Limited Edition. 

Under the same great guidance of Cliff Levin, founder and CEO, the Ohco massage chairs coming to market are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

To see the official press release from Furniture for Life, click here.

Reintroduction to the M.8

The very-well selling M.8 was created with the help of Ken Okuyama out of Japan. A well-known designer of high-end automobiles, adding doors to the M.8 was a natural place for his mind to go. These doors, among the other wonderful features this chair offers, are what have made this chair such an incredible seller over the past few months. What’s been keeping the M.8 at the top of the best-seller list? The MaxTrack.

The MaxTrack Brings It All

As you likely know, there are two main types of massage chair tracks: S-Track and L-Track. They each hold their own benefits and there are reasons for a user to prefer either one. The MaxTrack, however, brings a bit of them both together. 

Essentially, the difference between the S-Track and L-Track is that the L-Track is longer, stretching down to the lower back and glutes, potentially even the hamstrings. The S-Track can’t reach your glutes or thighs. This added length and muscle attention tends to be a fan favorite and most modern massage chairs are beginning to include this track in their design. The L-Track does have limits though.

Recline Further

When customers are looking at a massage chair, two other very important features are zero gravity and easy lay-flat massage. Typically, when you’re looking for chairs that truly provide these positions and their benefits the chair track has to be an S-track.


Because when you have an L-Track it is made in one fixed piece. And that shape prevents a chair from getting into 180 degrees in a lay-flat position. These chairs can tilt back but the concept of them moving two separate sections of the chair into a totally flat position isn’t feasible. That’s where the M.8 MaxTrack comes into play.

When we spoke with Cliff Levin at the 2019 CES Convention, where the chair was showcased, he explained the M.8 MaxTrack wonderfully.

“So the way our MaxTrack differs from other track shapes [...] number one is with an S-Track you actually have much more limited body coverage. S-Tracks are limited just to the back portion of the chair. Much the industry has evolved into something called an L-Track. The L-Track is a fixed track shape [with] a particular back and seat angle configuration. [...] Basically, the back and seat of an L-Track chair have to move in perfect unison. In fact, they’re welded together. They can’t move separately. That’s an L-Track. L-Tracks actually are very good chairs. They get into nice and comfortable Zero Gravity positions and work quite a bit of the body.”

But as we talked about and Levin mentions, a fixed position means that a true lay-flat position or enhanced zero gravity is not doable.

“Then, we step and take a leap into MaxTrack. As I said, [...] you can’t divorce the shape of the track from the way the mechanism operates in order to understand how [the] MaxTrack is different. [The] MaxTrack is shaped like a C or a J and because the mechanism has so much freedom of movement on those rails [...] it’s able to stay in close contact with your body throughout the length of its track. What that means is in our new Dreamwave M Series chairs, you can actually be in a classical Zero Gravity position, but you can also be in a lay-flat position. Both of those positions are possible with our MaxTrack design. It’s unique in the industry.”

When you’re laying in a flat position in your massage chair it can enhance the massage because your weight is firmly on the rollers. This can help to increase the massage power and intensifies relaxation. And when the massage is the most important part of the chair, as it should be, this position is a nice add-on.

The M.8 MaxTrack is unique in the industry right now as the first to provide an L-Track massage experience that allows a user to get into lay-flat and zero gravity positions. This alone can make it well worth the price tag. Check out the chair for yourself here.

About Ohco

To Furniture for Life, the parent of Ohco, massage comes first. It is the heart and soul of a massage chair and the reason for its creation. It’s this dedication to quality that has led Ohco to grow into being and start offering differing chairs to a large clientele of users. 

There are many exciting new chairs on the horizon coming from this incredible brand, including chairs that are unique to the market in terms of aesthetics with a wood grain look and much more curving lines. You’ll be seeing some hot names coming soon including the R.6 from Ohco and the D.Core Massage Chair line from Furniture for Life.

You’ll be able to purchase the M.8 and M.8 LE from Ohco like you always have, and they’ll continue to provide you with incredible customer service. For every customer, Ohco wants the performance and comfort of their chairs to be assured. That is the continued dedication you can expect from the maker of this incredible chair and the chairs that are coming in the future. This isn’t a brand that acquires chairs at the drop of a hat. They take their time designing their own models, ensuring that they’re going to provide an incredible massage above all else.

Keep your eye out for new massage chairs coming from Ohco, and you’ll be sure to see the latest in massage technology that is sure to deliver an exceptional experience. It’s the Ohco Promise.

If you have any questions about these massage chairs or how to find the right chair for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re available over the phone or through email at Our massage chair experts are standing by ready and excited to hear from you.

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