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Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra vs Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra vs Titan TP-Pro Alpine


Technological advancements and innovations in the massage chair industry are creating quite a stir when it comes to the newest models on the market. Two fantastic, high-end chairs that are industry leaders for their respective manufacturers are the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra and the Titan TP-Pro Alpine, so we compared the two for you to get a better understanding of which massage chair will be best suited for you.


The looks of these two massage chairs are distinctive. The EP-MA73 looks like a traditional recliner, that can even hide the bulky legs and footrest by flipping the ottoman over to reveal a more standard recliner design. It is perfect for the living room or family room where your company gathers. It only comes in black finish. The Alpine cannot be mistaken for anything else but a standard massage chair because of the framework. The airbags are easily noticeable, and the ottoman for your legs and feet are recognizable. The Titan chair does have more versatility in matching your home decor coming in 4 basic colors, black, brown, white, and red.


The Alpine and EP-MA73 offer a few of the same technological aspects that I will quickly cover before getting into the many differences these two massage chairs offer.

Body Scanning Technology: Both the Alpine and EP-MA73 offer computer body scanning so the massage chairs can get to know your body better. The massage rollers placed in the backrest of the two chairs slide up your back, painting a picture for itself to better understand your unique curves, so you will receive a personalized massage experience.

Compression Air Massage: Both of the massage chairs provide for a compression air massage to your entire body. The use of airbags in the chairs will compress and decompress air on your shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, calves, and feet to fully produce a soothing and relaxing encounter in the chairs.


L-Track Massage System

The Alpine massage chair has been developed with the Titan only L-track massage system that supports the neck and back better, especially in the lumbar region. With this original design, the stroke length in the chair can reach from the shoulders down toward your upper thighs. This technology also helps target the individual discs in a person's spine, by separating them more easily, to deliver a creative, but yet, effective, decompression relief.

Heat Therapy for Lower Back

With the use of two large heating pads in the lumbar area of the massage chair, you will receive heat therapy to your lower back. The warmth delivered to your back will help loosen muscles and relax your back while you receive your massage.

Two Stage Zero Gravity

To compliment this technology, the Titan Alpine offers two-stage zero gravity. Through a scientific discovery by NASA engineers, putting the human body in a reclined position, where the legs are raised up to match the height of your heart, you will receive a stronger decompression to your back. Your body weight rests against the backrest so you feel lighter and the position will help in adding to your relief.

The second stage of zero gravity places you into a steeper recline, where all your body weight is pushed up against the backrest of the massage chair, and the massage obtained is deeper and more intense. If you have a tough time with the strength of the massage, you can adjust the intensity by using the remote.

Reflexology Massage Rollers

This massage chair offers a wonderful kneading style massage to the soles of your feet using reflexology massage rollers located at the bottom of the footrest. The massage to your feet will also help soothe and relax the rest of your body, as the rollers stimulate the acupressure points in your feet. With the help of the compression airbags which will push your feet down against the massage rollers, the intensity is raised. Again, if you do not like the strength of this massage, you can adjust it down, or simply turn it off with the remote.

Easy to Use Remote

The remote which is included with the Alpine chair serves as a shining example of simplicity while still offering you the capacity to totally control your massage experience. With the remote is 6 pre-set massage programs and 6 massage styles you can choose from. These are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • .Combination
  • Punching
  • Rolling

Finally, the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair allows people from 5' to 6'5" to rest comfortably in the massage chair with a weight up to 265lbs. This is very reassuring, especially since the Panasonic covers people only up to 6'2" and 264lbs.


Panasonic engineers can proudly boast that their EP-MA73 massage chair is filled with accomplishments, as it was voted best massage chair of 2014, and has been endorsed by the largest chiropractic doctors association in all the world, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), for its recognition of the health benefits of regular massage.

Heat Therapy to the Body

This Panasonic has used innovative planning and design to come up with its heat therapy technology. Not only do you receive a comprehensive heat massage to your entire back, but also in the soles of your feet. There are built-in ceramic heaters in the massage roller heads of the backrest that delivers the warm therapy, from the lower back to your shoulders. This is one of the best heat therapy mechanisms in the massage chair industry.

Also, included in the footrest of the massage chair, are warmers that work to warm the bottoms of your feet, so you receive warmth throughout your lower body too.

Foot Massage System

Panasonic uses different technology to create their reflexology massage to your feet. Working in tandem with the compression airbags, are two plates located in the footrest, which deliver the massage to your feet. Along with the warmth generated by the heaters, each foot will experience a soothing and very appealing foot massage. The plates in the footrest help to apply pressure to your acupressure points inside your feet, with nodules that press up against your soles, stimulating the senses. If you are not comfortable with this massage, you can use the handy remote to turn off, or lower the intensity of the warmers, or massage.

Exclusive "Junetsu" Technology

The EP-MA73 offers the Panasonic exclusive "Junetsu" massage technique. The massage rollers in the backrest have the capability to reach out and use a spiral circular motion that reaches deep into the bone to help loosen the tense knots in your shoulders and back. The technique has the massage roller heads designed to mimic the human thumb pressing down into your back. The sensation created is very effective, but can be hard on some people, so you can use the remote which is included with the chair to turn down or off this amazing massage.

Ultra-Kneading Massage for Arms, Hands and Feet

With the use of the airbag technology in the Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair, you can experience the ultra-kneading massage technique, developers added to this chair. The treatment is specific to the hands, arms, and feet.

Body Stretching

Shoulder Blade Stretch – Combining the compression air massage and massage rollers, your shoulder blade gets held into place by the airbags, while the heated massage rollers stretch the tense muscle between your spine and shoulder blade.

Improved Leg Stretch - With the use of the airbag system inflating to hold your legs in position, the leg rest moves with the use of other airbags so your legs get a proper stretch, which also helps your upper body.

Improved Pelvic Stretch - Your lower back will get a stretch when airbags placed in the hips and buttock region of the massage chair inflate, pushing your lower back onto the backrest, and the massage rollers then work in tandem to provide this stretch.

3D Massage Rollers

The massage rollers offered in the Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair also have the capability to protrude from the S-track design, and reach out about 3" into your back. This will give you a tremendously strong massage, deep into your back tissue, where most massage chairs can't strike. You will want to use the remote to adjust the intensity of this massage technology if it is too strong for you.

Ergonomic Armrests

The arms and hands are probably the toughest areas to massage, especially because of the zero-gravity technology. The Panasonic massage chair doesn't have zero gravity, but does offer an automatic recline, but unlike in most massage chairs that recline where your arms and hands lose out on the massagers, the armrests in the EP-MA73 recline along with the backrest. This is fully functional and allows the massage chair to completely massage your arms and hands the way the designers planned it.

6 Massage Techniques

There are 6 massage techniques offered that provide different benefits for different parts of your body with the EP-MA73:

  • Ultra Kneading
  • Junetsu
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Gentle Kneading

In Conclusion

The Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair does offer more features and gratifying relief to your body, but at a much higher cost of $7999 while the Titan Alpine is $5495. You do get some advantages with the Alpine's L-track system and two-stage zero gravity, and in the EP-MA73, you are presented with many soothing and reinvigorating massage techniques, if you can stand the pressure put on your body.

If you want to purchase one of these massage chairs, or are looking to continue your search, we offer many massage chair models on

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