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What is the MaxTrack?

What is the MaxTrack?

We Know S & L-Tracks. The MaxTrack Takes It To The Next Level.

When it comes to massage chairs, there are two basic types of tracks: S-Track and L-Track. They each have their benefits and many users have come to truly love the L-Track.

Basically, the difference is that the L-Track is longer, reaching down to the lower back and glutes. The S-Track can’t reach your glutes or thighs. This added length and muscle attention is a fan favorite and more and more massage chairs are including it in their design. It does have its limits, however.

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Taking It One Step Further

The L-Track has the length and the in-depth massage capabilities you want. However, the other huge features that users want are zero gravity and inversion reclining. Most chairs that can offer lay-flat inversion have to provide an S-Track. 


Because when you have an L-Track it is made in one fixed piece. And that shape prevents a chair from fully reaching 180 degrees in a lay-flat position. That’s where the Ohco MaxTrack comes into play.

We sat down and spoke with Cliff Levin, Ohco founder and CEO, when the chair was showcased at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. He explained the Ohco MaxTrack beautifully.

“So the way our MaxTrack differs from other track shapes [...] number one is with an S-Track you actually have much more limited body coverage. S-Tracks are limited just to the back portion of the chair. Much the industry has evolved into something called an L-Track. The L-Track is a fixed track shape [with] a particular back and seat angle configuration. [...] Basically, the back and seat of an L-Track chair have to move in perfect unison. In fact, they’re welded together. They can’t move separately. That’s an L-Track. L-Tracks actually are very good chairs. They get into nice and comfortable Zero Gravity positions and work quite a bit of the body.”

But as we talked about and Levin mentions, that fixed position means that you can’t get into a true lay-flat position or enjoy reverse inversion.

“Then, we step and take a leap into MaxTrack. As I said, [...] you can’t divorce the shape of the track from the way the mechanism operates in order to understand how [the] MaxTrack is different. [The] MaxTrack is shaped like a C or a J and because the mechanism has so much freedom of movement on those rails [...] it’s able to stay in close contact with your body throughout the length of its track. What that means is in our new [...] M Series chairs, you can actually be in a classical Zero Gravity position, but you can also be in a lay-flat position. Both of those positions are possible with our MaxTrack design. It’s unique in the industry.”

The benefits of zero-gravity are well known as is the idea of putting more of your weight onto the back of the chair to enhance the massage. That is where the lay-flat position is really a winner. Your weight is fully on the massage rollers and it helps to increase the massage power and intensifies relaxation.

The Ohco MaxTrack is unique in the industry right now as the first to provide an L-Track massage experience while enabling the chair to recline fully into lay-flat and zero gravity positions. This alone can make it well worth the price tag, as many of our customers have already found, and that doesn’t take into account all the other wonderful features the chair offers.

Check out the chair for yourself here

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